Home Care Solutions Technology

Technology To Improve Outcomes

Home Care Solutions has a suite of technologies that can be customized to fit every senior’s needs, at every stage in his or her life. They can all be used as stand alone products, or blended with our Home Health Services.

Our technologies not only help seniors stay independent as long as possible, but also help to reduce medical costs and improve disease outcomes.

Our technology options range from placing discreet wireless sensors throughout the client’s living area to help track activity and wellness, to a full range of Telehealth products that can help improve quality of life by facilitating management of chronic diseases. This helps improve quality of life not only for the client, but the entire family.

All of our products are affordable and flexible.

The key to any health care technology is not just gathering the data, but also reacting to the recorded trends that may indicate a poor outcome. Home Care Solutions’ health professionals will guide you to find the best technology solution, and be there for you throughout the entire process.

Our Technology Enables


Wireless health devices, interactive assessments, and medication management tools at your fingertips.


Wireless activity sensors monitor daily activities without sacrificing resident independence or privacy.


Residents can instantly access video chat, photos, letters, and calendar events from family, caregivers and Home Care Solutions staff.


Telehealth is the remote exchange of medical data between a patient at home and their Health Professional to assist in diagnosis and monitoring chronic diseases.

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